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Welcome to Land Haus Dancru Netz!

Land Haus means large villa in German.
Netz means network.
We hope that our place would serve as everyone's villa...

Aiming for a sustainable hotel Hakuba is working toward the realization of mountain ecotourism that grows with nature.
We will tackle positively what we can do as a hotel.
May the world of the future be filled with the smile.

<What Dancru want to work on & what Dancru are working on>
・Waste reduction
  Installation of sorting box for recyclable product
  Stop using disposable toothbrushes
  Stop using plastic straw
  Recommend to bring handkerchiefs and towels
  Return the kitchen waste to the soil with compost
・Proposal of air conditioner preset temperature Heater 20 degrees, A.C 28 degrees (Recommended by the Ministry of the Environment)
・Firewood / pellet fireplace
・Floor heating in all rooms
・Double-glazed windows (insulation / silence effect)
・Installation of electric vehicle outlet
・Uses energy-saving LED lights throughout the building
・Shuttle car: Use electric car
・Others ... Start with what we can do

Hakuba Village declared "Hakuba Village Climate Emergency Declaration" in 2019 and "Zero Carbon City" in 2020. We have responsability to leave this beautiful planet and Hakuba, which is now commonplace, 10 years later, 30 years later and even100 years later for our offspring generations.
We ask for the understanding and cooperation of SDGs Challenge and visitors to the village.

Click here for more information on SDGs challenge in HAKUBA VALLEY.

Dancru Netz

Room - Guest rooms and facilities

Pension (Main building)

Our red brick building is similar to the one that appears in children's fable, "Three Little Pigs".
The pension offers a cozy place, being cool in the summer and warm with heated floor in the winter.
We welcome all of you to come as if it is your own villas.
Check-in: 15:00 - Check-out: 10:00

Pension (main building) Accommodation Plan
Cottage (annex)

Enjoy your holidays with your friends and families.
<1st Floor> bathroom, toilets, kitchen, TV, dining table, and chairs (for 6)
<2nd Floor> about 8 tatami Japanese-style room, about 8-tatami size.
*Amenities: Towels, toothbrush sets, bath towels, and dryer is provided.

Cottage (annex) Accommodation Plan

Warmth of the fireplace welcomes you in the winter season.
You will be treated with our outstanding meals in this relaxing atmosphere.
This area may be used for our guests to relax before or after meals.
*Hot-water heating floor and air conditioning available for the whole building.

Darts, Game of Life (Hakuba Version), cards, and other games are available.
Grand piano, guitar, quena, recorder, and percussion are available for our guests.
We welcome groups who are looking to have music, sports, and arts camp.
*Microphones are available upon request.
Wifi free spot is available in the whole building.
100-inch screen and projector are available.

Other facilities

Courtyard pathway
The pathway is paved with rubber, which makes it safer for walking, even for small toddlers who are learning how to walk.

Washing machines and Dryers

There are washing machines and dryers in the building.
Please inquire at the front desk if you wish to use them.
Washing machine: 500 yen per use
Dryer: 500 yen per use
*Snow boots and ski boots cannot be used.

Barbecues can be done in the courtyard.
Barbecue supplies rental fee: 2,200 yen (tax included)
What is included:
(Barbecue stand, grill, charcoal, charcoal tongs, table, chairs, uten)
Outlet for electric vehicles is available.
(Please inquire beforehand if you plan
on charging year car.)

Others: Drying room and tune-up room are available.
Private car park Free parking lot for 12 cars. Large bus parking available.
Hot spring
(artificial hot spring)

Private bath (family bath) that locks from the inside can be used until 11 pm. There are multiple hot springs in Hakuba Village.

Shower room

Available twenty-four hours a day.
Located on the guest room floor (2nd floor).

Pick-up and drop-off
Available pick-up time from Bus terminal
and Hakuba Sta. is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Please use the taxi for outside hours.
(We can't pick-up within service hours depending on the situation)

Please use the free shuttle buses to the each ski areas.
Bus stop is under 1 min. away by foot from Dancrunetz.


Meals prepared by Dancru give satisfaction to various customers, even for long-term guests and repeat guests,
throughout the season with daily specials.

Meals are provided in full-course.
We offer various styles - French, Italian, Mexican, etc. All dishes are home-made with select ingredients to for an excellent dining experience.
Our specially prepared rice.
We offer "Koshihikari" brand rice, grown in Matsukawa, Azumino,
which is delicious and safe.
Exquisite desserts.
Our colorfully decorated desserts are popular among our female guests. All of our deserts are handmade and are different daily. They are perfect way to finish your dinner.

History of Dancru Netz

July 1981 "Dancru Lodge" opened.
March 1990 Our chef started the 10-year training in Yokohama.
May 1st Dancru Cup was held. (Held twice a year in May and October.)
October 1993 Cottage opened.
October 1997 Went online for the first time with a webpage.
August 1998 Last day of Dancru Lodge as the building was demolished for renewal.
December 1998 Reopened as "Land Haus Dancru Netz", with an addition of new chef.
October 1999 Our new chef started his training in Paris, France.
May 2000 1st Dancru Bass Fishing Tournament was held.
February 2001 Our young chef married.
December First son was born.
July 2003 Second son was born.
December 2004 Cafe'de Dancru opened in Totsuka-ku, Yokohama.
August 2010 Third son was born.


Hakuba Echo Land, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano 399-9301 TEL.0261-72-5055 FAX.0261-72-5780

Access routes and estimated time

From Tokyo: 4 hours via Kanetsu Joetsu Expressway (exit at Nagano or Koshoku IC) and Hakuba Nagano Olympic Road
From Tokyo: 4 hours via Chuo and Nagano Expressway (exit at Nagano or Koshoku IC) and Hakuba Nagano Olympic Road
From Nagoya: 3 hours and 30 minutes via Chuo and Nagano Expressway (exit at Azumino IC) and Route 147 and 148
From Osaka: 5 hours and 30 minutes via Meishin, Chuo and Nagano Expressway (exit at Azumino IC) and Route 147 and 148
From Kanazawa: 2 hours and 30 minutes via Hokuriku Expressway (exit at Itoigawa IC) and Route 148

From JR Tokyo Station: 2 hours and 40 minutes via Nagano Shinkansen Asama (to JR Nagano) and bus (to Hakuba)
From JR Shinjuku Station: 3 hours and 40 minutes via Chuo Line Limited Express Azusa
From JR Nagoya Station: 3 hours and 40 minutes via Chuo Line Limited Express Shinano
From JR Osaka Station: 4 hours and 40 minutes via Shinkansen and Chuo Line Limited Express Shinano

JR Nagano Station - JR Hakuba Station, Happo Bus Terminal: 1 hour

From JR Hakuba Station: 5 minutes (approximately 3 km)

Highway buses
Shinjuku ⇒ Hakuba (Keio Highway Bus): 4 hours and 30 minutes

Book online here. Tel.0261-72-5055