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[ About Reservation ]
Please pay 20% of your charge in advance within a week from the reservation. If the payment have not been done still on the appointed day, your reservation will be canceled automatically.
Please choose the way to pay down between the followings:

square: Credit Card Number, Card Expiration, Name on Card are needed.

Paypal: The guests who have an account of Paypal will get a payment-only e-mail.

Please pay the rest of your charge when you check in.
Even if you cancel your reservation, we make no refund. Please understand it.

[ Cancellation fee ]
After Reservation 20%
From 7 days to 3 days before check-in 80%
From 2 days before check-in 100%

Confirmation mail should be sent within two days after the booking. If there is no response, please try submitting the booking form or give us a call. (TEL.0261-72-5055)

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